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Topic Summer 1

Year 3 Topic Work

Our topic for this term is ‘Rivers and Bridges’. Twinkle resources has lots of information and activities linked to this topic.

Below are some ideas of some work to complete.    

Combined Studies

  1. Research and make a fact sheet, booklet, poster or PowerPoint presentation on different rivers and bridges around the world. Here are some suggestions;
  • Sydney Harbour bridge
  • River Thames
  • The Amazon River
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Tower Bridge
  • The River Nile


  1. Pick your favourite action figure/barbie and build a bridge for them to stand on. You can use any materials you can find. Build the bridge over the bath and remember they can’t get wet!
  2. Research Isombard Brunel.


Science (Light & Dark)

  1. Design and make a shadow puppet. Place it in one place outside and draw round the shadow every two hours. You could even measure it and record the results like a real scientist.


  1. Think of as many sources of light as you can and make a mind map with pictures.


  1. Make a split picture of an object, half colour in light colours and the other half colour in dark colours.