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Topic Summer 1

Topic work

Our topic this half term is ‘Let’s get muddy’. We are learning about how animals obtain their food from plants and other animals and simple food chains. We are learning about different food groups and what makes a healthy, balanced diet. We hope you enjoy these activities and have fun. If you can think of any other activities we would love to see them.


Key Vocabulary: carbohydrates, dairy, protein, fat, fruit, vegetables, healthy, balanced diet, food chain, habitat, off spring, adult, baby


Activity 1:

Part 1:  Write a list of farm animals. How many do you know?

Part 2:  Research farm animals and their off spring.

Can you use the Internet to research animals and their babies?  E.g. cow/calf

Create cards to use as a snap game or pairs game. Write animal name and draw a picture of the animal. Remember to correct your spelling and can you use your joined up handwriting?

Play your game with a member of your family.


Activity 2:

Part 1: Watch BBC Bitesize KS1 What is a food chain? Can you complete the quiz at the bottom of the page?

Part 2: Can you draw a picture showing a food chain? Remember to label your picture. Can you create any more food chains using the Internet to help you?


Activity 3:

Part 1: Go onto Twinkle [free to log on] search for food pyramid Powerpoint. Read the information on the Powerpoint.

Part 2: Print off food writing pyramid activity. If you haven’t got a printer create your own pyramid and then draw your food in each section. Remember to label each section.

Part 3: Create your food diary for a day. Can you colour code your food from each food group.