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Topic Summer 2



1. Within the film of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone there are two very iconic scenes. These include the Hogwarts Express crossing a very large viaduct and the first of Harry’s Broomstick Training lessons taking place outside of the castle. A large amount of the film’s scenes were recorded at Leavesden Studios, however, many were also filmed on location. Can you carry out your own geographical investigation into these two scenes? Remember to include what scene was filmed, which country it was filmed in, where the exact location was, what was the name of the location, how old the location is as well is interesting facts about it. Please feel free to add any other destination information about other scenes you were awed by when watching the film. We would love to hear about your favourite scenes!


2.  Make your own stationery holder by painting an empty jar from home and turning it into one of your favourite characters! Who will you choose?



3. Make your own paper weight to stop all of your lovely work from blowing away by painting a large pebble and creating one of your favourite characters!






4. How to draw a Niffler from the Harry Potter Hub.