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Topic Summer 3

This term, we are looking at Ancient Greece.

  1. Can you locate Greece on Google Maps as well as the other countries where Greek colonies were also located? e.g. Crete, Italy, France etc.


In which continent can Greece be found?


Which seas surround Greece?


Which countries border Greece?



2.Can you sort comparative features of Greece and Britain using the fact cards attached?


Draw a table to sort the fact cards. Example -


  • Britain
  • Greece

Temperatures do not usually reach above 30 degrees

Temperatures reach to over 40 degrees.





  1. Can you order the key events within the history of Greece on the timeline attached?

  1. The Ancient Greeks are renowned for their ability to design intricate vases (see below). They often included a pattern and a picture depicting their lives e.g. education, music, death and slavery. Can you research a range of Ancient Greek vases and design your own? We have attached blank templates if you would like to use one.