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Topic Summer 5

 Ocean Explorers!

  1. Can you draw or trace a map of the world, showing each of the seas and oceans with labels?



2.   Research the different bodies of water and find out their temperatures – you could colour the seas on your map with more intense colour to show the heat/cold.


  1.  3.Watch the following clip:

Create a resource to teach others about the three zones of the ocean and what life exists in each. This can be a straightforward information text or it could be a collage or poster.








4.   What’s the deepest part of the ocean like? Watch this excellent clip:

                                                                                      5.   What makes it difficult to live on the seabed?

How have creatures adapted to live there?

What do they eat down there?

  • You could be really creative with how you share your discoveries; why not produce a video, lecture, leaflet or radio interview?



6.    What can you find out about predators of the sea? You could make a ‘Most Wanted’ poster      of your favourite deep sea predators or even feature them on CrimeWatch!


7.Why not research some diving diaries and write your own about a dive, detailing where you were, which sea, and describing what you could see, hear and feel? You could write about the temperature of the water dropping as you swam deeper; how the light became dimmer and the creatures stranger…


8. You could create pictorial representations of the temperatures of the seas; a bar chart, for example. You could also do some research about the number of creatures documented to be living in each zone and find a way to present this data.


9.Make it! Can you find a way to make a model of the Mariana Trench?



We hope that you have a lot of fun with this work – it’s really interesting what lies beneath the waves!