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UPDATE       MAY 2    



We were lucky with the weather and Reception were able to have their Sports Day! The children thoroughly enjoyed racing and cheering on their friends and watching so many of their grown-ups compete too! The children have been practising lots for their Picnic Dance and cannot wait to perform it to an audience. Alongside this, we have been learning about The Queen and the role she has. 


Year 1 have made a fantastic start to the Summer term and have already enjoyed many wonderful experiences. We kicked off our new topic ‘Mad about Minibeasts’ with a circus day (linked to the film ‘Bugs Life’). Children thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the circus and the different acts that they might see there. They even got to have a go at practising some of the activities themselves.

We were then very lucky to have a visit from Eden Oasis. They came to show us some real life insects that we were able to touch and hold. Eden also shared with us lots of interesting facts about the insects. Some of the animals we saw were: a praying mantis, stick insects, hissing cockroach and an African land snail. Year 1 had a brilliant time and were all very brave!

This half-term, Year 1 are looking forward to practising their picnic dance and be able to perform it to their parents. We will also be using our art and DT skills to create a minibeast hotel and clay insect models.


What a fantastic and busy half term! The children were so enthusiastic learning their dance for our outside assembly and we look forward to sharing the dance with everybody then.

In Music, our unit has been “Friendship” and we appraised, reviewed and learnt many different songs linked to the theme. The children especially enjoyed singing “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars.

We are extremely proud all the children’s resilience and positivity during the month whilst completing their SATs quizzes. Well done to all Year 2!

During Children’s Mental Health week, we met our school counsellor Bonnie and talked about relaxation and how to deal with our worries. To compliment this, we made worry dolls to take home. We also enjoyed circle time and discussing things that make us happy.


We were delighted to so many supporters during Sports Afternoon. It was lovely to see the children enjoy their races and cheering their friends on.




Year 3 have been busy practising our picnic dance. Our moves are amazing and we are really excited to share our hard work with the rest of the school and our families. We have also been rehearsing for 'Meadowsong', singing our little hearts out, dancing and creating artwork and poetry.


During our science lessons we have been investigating plants, we have had the opportunity to examine real flowers and plants. We dissected them to discover the different parts and labelled them using scientific vocabulary. We set up our own experiment with the purpose of understanding how water is transported within a plant.




In Year 4, we have been learning all about living things and their habitats in Science. We ventured outside and went on a bug hunt where we found a variety of insects which we then classified using a scientific key. Following on from our bug hunt, we then ventured back outside for a plant hunt and classified a variety of plants in our forest school area.


In P.E we have been having lots of fun choreographing our picnic dance and perfecting it. In Art, we have been learning about two different artists, Lucy Arnold and Edouard Martinet. We created paintings inspired by Lucy Arnold’s bug pieces using the marbling technique which we really enjoyed even though it was quite messy. Edouard Martinet created sculptures of bugs, which we have tried to recreate using wire, foil, beads and coloured paper. 




Wow, what an amazing few week’s Year 5 have had! We have been learning about Africa and the rise and fall of the Kingdom of Benin. In science we have been finding out about different animals and how they reproduce. During wellbeing week, we had an enthusiastic African drumming session with Steve. The children created their own rhythms by using the names of African animals. You may have seen the decorative glitter jars that the children created; these are a tool to support them to be able to regulate their emotions. 5G were the winners of our year 5 sports day. All children enjoyed taking part and the dressing up race was by far the most exciting race for all! Well done everyone!


The highlight of the last few weeks has definitely been our trip to Call of the Wild! Although it was a bit rainy, we learned a lot about animals and their habitats. The meerkat talk was particularly interesting and the children had lots and lots of questions for the keeper. During our talk on the lemurs, the animals were very friendly and even bounced on the children’s heads!

We are looking forward to another half term full of exciting learning opportunities and new experiences.




It was wonderful to see so many children take up the offer of breakfast during SATs week! We are incredibly proud of every child as they tackled the tests with tenacity and applied their learning from throughout the year. To celebrate, the children thoroughly enjoyed a round or two of mini golf as well as a refreshing ice lolly. Round one of the Mersea Island residential was a resounding success with the high ropes, zip lines and off-road biking being the firm favourites.

Every child behaved impeccably well, and they were a credit to the school. Looking forward, the children have their final half term at Northwick Park where the weeks will be filled with secondary school visits, leavers activities and special treats.




Mon 6th June        -     Y2 Beach Trip

Mon 6th June        -     1.30 Y3 Sports

Tue 7th June         -     Y1 visit to Mountfitchet Castle

Tue 7th June         -     Y6 Second Residential meeting


Tue 7th June         -     1.30 Y4 Sports

Thur 9th June        -     Street Party

Mon 13th June      -     Y2 trip to Boydells Farm

Mon 13th June      -     6.00 First School journey

                                      celebration evening

Tue 14th June       -     Y3 at Wat Tyler

Thur 16th June      -     1.30 Y6 Career afternoon

Fri 17th June         -     Training Day

Mon 20th June      -     Training Day

Wed 22nd June     -     3.00 Summer Fayre

Wed 22nd June     -     Y2 Forest School

Thur 23rd June     -     Y3 Sealife Adventure visit

Thur 23rd June     -     Y6 Transition at Castle View +

                                      Cornelius Vermuyden

Thur 23rd June     -     Y1 Forest School

Fri 24th June         -     Y6 Transition at Castle View +

                                      Cornelius Vermuyden

Mon 27th June      -     2.30 RM Summer Concert

Tue 28th June       -     2.30 RK Summer Concert

Tue 28th June       -     Y2 Forest School

Tue 28th June       -     Summer Music Concert 5.00–6.00

Wed 29th June      -     2.30 RA Summer Concert

Thur 30th June      -     Y1 Forest School

Thur 30th June      -     3.00–6.00 Open evening

Mon 4th July to Wed 6th July School journey

Wed 6th July         -     Y5 taster day at Castle View

                                      (Details to follow)

Thur 7th July          -     Y5 taster day at Cornelius

                                      (Details to follow)

Fri 8th July             -     NHS dress up day

Mon 11th July        -     6.00 Second school journey

                                      celebration evening (Details to


Tue 12th July         -     Canvey Sports am

Tue 19th July         -     6.00 – 8.00 Year 6 Leavers bbq

Thur 21st July       -     1.30 Y6 Leavers assembly

Thur 21st July       -     Last day of term (School closes

                                      at normal time)


Busy Bears open all summer – to book in, please contact Mrs Thompson on 01268 511863 or at



Children in Years 1 to 6 return to school on





The school will be closed for training on:

  • Fri 17th June
  • Mon 20th June

(Busy Bears Open as usual)