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Wellbeing         Update

September 2020


This year we continue on our journey towards achieving the Wellbeing Award for Schools (WAS). Even with the difficulties that we have all faced during the last 6 months, we have still managed to implement many of the actions from our WAS improvement plan. We have appointed our Wellbeing Warriors, provided worry boxes or worry monsters in every classroom, held a very successful Health and Wellbeing week, timetabled regular wellbeing/relaxation/mindfulness activities for every class and trained another member of staff to support Bonnie and provide extra ‘drop in and chat’ sessions for the pupils.

Year 1     

For Wellbeing week, we have been learning about how to keep our bodies and minds healthy and happy.  We had lots of fun taking part in relaxation sessions and yoga. This helped us to relax our minds and concentrate on things that make us happy. We have been talking about how we can help others and what we can do if we have a worry. We even named our very own class’ worry monsters. We learnt about the importance of a healthy balanced meal and discussed our favourite exercises so that we know how to keep our bodies healthy. Some of us have even made healthy meals at home with our adults. As a class, we all put our handprints together to make a class masterpiece to show that we all work together and are all a team. We look forward to continuing our relaxation and yoga sessions in class throughout the year, as well as trying to be kind and helpful friends to each other.

Year 2    

Year 2 enjoyed Wellbeing Week. We enjoyed listening to stories about how to deal with our worries and made our own worry dolls to take home. We were lucky to have a yoga teacher visit us in school and participated in a yoga session. We looked at the importance of eating a balanced diet and drinking lots of water. We also learnt that regular exercise, rest and sleep are important for our wellbeing. We introduced Year 2 to our daily relaxation sessions and have seen the benefits. We have a worry box where children can place their worries in and a worry monster to help us.

Year 3     

Year 3 has an exciting time during Health and Wellbeing week. On Monday afternoon, we had a visit from a football coach and spent a fun afternoon learning new skills. On Tuesday, we created our own feeling characters to star in Inside Out. We were also lucky enough to have a coach from Deanes come in, who played dodgeball and taught us the importance of physical activity in making us feel good.  We have also made a jar of smiles, decorated smiley face biscuits, created fortune tellers and enjoyed our first Golden Time on Thursday afternoon!

Year 4           

 Year 4 enjoyed spending their first full week back at school focussing on their health and wellbeing.  We participated in activities such as dodgeball, rugby and yoga; discussing the importance of physical activity for not only our bodies but our minds too.  In classes, we designed posters to promote the various ways of having a healthy body and a healthy mind, did relaxation exercises and made fortune tellers with positive messages inside to use should we ever feel low.  Each class has a worry box, which the children can place their concerns in throughout the year.  We got creative and put forward suggested designs on how to decorate the boxes.

Year 5

Year 5 had a wonderful week celebrating the importance of our wellbeing. The children completed many exciting activities which allowed them to express themselves creatively. They particularly enjoyed designing and making their own under the sea themed glitter jar. This can be used as a calming tool for when they need to take time out and relax. A fun, and very messy, activity enjoyed by all was making our own oobleck. This enabled the children to think about possible ways to release any stress or tension. We also discussed the importance of sharing our worries and worked as a class to decorate our own worry box. Throughout the week, we also discussed the many contributing factors which lead towards maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Year 6  

During wellbeing week, Year 6 enjoyed a range of activities – taking part in table tennis was definitely a highlight and it was wonderful to see their enjoyment for the sport! They worked as a team during dodgeball sessions with a sports coach and also took part in various fitness challenges, inspiring them to improve their performance daily. Additionally, they were given the freedom to express themselves through the medium of abstract art as well as through creative writing in English. The children also completed a daily ‘feelings diary’ to reflect on the different emotions that they had encountered and managed throughout the day, reflected on the positive outcomes of lockdown such as spending more time with their families and made a stress toy using Orbeez which they thoroughly enjoyed!


Many of the staff are part of our ‘Secret Buddy’ scheme.  The idea is that we notice when our buddy needs cheering up and we do something to put a smile on their face.


Wellbeing Warriors  

After a lengthy application and interview process we have appointed our Wellbeing Warriors for this year. Eventually we hope that they can support the whole school community but in the present circumstances they will be providing help and advice for their year group. These ‘Warriors’ will also be creating games on WOW Wednesdays for the children to join in with at lunchtime.

Our Wellbeing Warriors are as follows:

Year 3 – Willow, Jensen, Austin, Zach, Sophie and Max

Year 4 – Alby, Skye, Emelia, Shelby, Bobbie and Wesley

Year 5 – Izzy, Layla, Mylah, Eliza, Eva-Mae and Hollie

Year 6 – Keira-Bella, Brooke, Rosie and Leo

Create a Calm Kit 

A calm kit is a great way to teach children at any age ways to self-soothe in a healthy manner.  A “Calm Kit” is a little box or bag of activities or things which can help children release or manage stress.

  • Find a little box or a bag – something that can be personalised or decorated
  • Discuss with your child what will help them feel calm when they are experiencing big emotions.

Some tips:   

Include a notepad and pen.  This will allow you to write or draw your feelings.  It is also a good way to engage in something calming such as drawing a picture.

If you like to have something to do with your hands, including a “fidget toy” or a “stress ball” can help keep your hands occupied. 

Having a fan can also help you to (literally) cool down as one’s temperature often rises when we get stressed.  If a breath of fresh air is not possible due to environment, a fan is an excellent option.

A little checklist can also be helpful – perhaps this includes as series of “kind words” to use; or a reminder to “breathe deeply” when you recognise that you are getting stressed.

The “Calm kit” is individual to each person.