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Winter menu Week 1



Meat free Monday

Homemade Mac & Cheese

( non-dairy tomato & basil pasta )

 with garlic bread & beans

Jelly & swirly cream

 Classic Tuesday

Creamy chicken casserole

(creamy Quorn casserole(v), non-dairy chicken in gravy)

with mixed vegetables & sauteed potatoes

American style pancakes & syrup

Midweek Roast Wednesday

Roast beef in gravy & Yorkshire pudding

(Quorn sausages in gravy (v) )

Roast potatoes & mixed seasonal vegetables

Sponge of the day & custard

Milkshake Thursday

Battered jumbo fish finger & tomato sauce

( vegan fishless fish fingers)

Chips & garden peas

Doughnut & milkshake

Grab a Bag Friday

Filled soft roll, bag of crisps

 Dairy dessert pot, biscuit & raisin plus

Carton of fruit juice

milk, sugar free squash & water available with dinner daily (except Friday)

all meals subject to availability

Vegetarians and religious reasons will be catered for upon request.

If an alternative is required for MEDICAL REASONS a written confirmation of the allergy/medical need from your child`s GP, dietitian or another medical professional will be requested. This is to ensure that children are not having foods removed from their diet without a diagnosed medical reason.                  

Thank you.