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Y4 English Summer 1

Activity One

Start/ continue to write a diary explaining your thoughts and feelings and write about activities you have been doing.

Don’t forget to include:

  • Writing in the past tense
  • Writing in the first person using I
  • Language to describe your thoughts and emotions
  • Rhetorical questions


Activity Two

Find an old newspaper or magazine in your home – something not too precious.

Colour the verbs in pink, the nouns in yellow, adjectives in green and adverbs in blue.

e.g. The bored teacher sadly missed teaching the wonderful year 4 children at Northwick Park.


Activity Three

Narrative writing – Sci-fi stories

  • Visit Literacy Shed online (link below) to explore a variety of sci-fi stories and videos.

Follow up activities could include:

  • Sequencing a story – draw six pictures in the correct order to retell the story with written captions underneath.  Remember full stops and capital letters.
  • Choose a character and describe them – Draw and label your favourite character and write a paragraph describing what they are like and what they do in the story.
  • Write an alternate ending for one of the stories – choose a story and think what would happen if the ending changed, rewrite the end of the story using creative language to excite your reader.
  • Create a sci-fi setting – use ideas from the stories you have read or films you have watched to draw or make a setting.
  • Write a sci-fi story of your own – don’t forget to include:

A beginning, a middle and an end.

Descriptive language for your characters and setting.


Green Set

If you can, re-watch The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, write your own story in a fantasy setting, starting with a game of hide and seek.