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Y4 Topic Summer 1

Science/Topic – Animals and their Habitats

This half term we’re learning about animals and their habitats, including mammals, insects and food chains.

Activity One

Categorise different animals into their groups, e.g. mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians – research different animals, find out what group they belong to and record on a table or a chart.  We wonder how many animals you can list!


Activity Two

Research animals and their habitats.  Things you could find out are:

- What is a habitat?

- How the animal has adapted to live in its habitat.

- What the animal eats and how it hunts.

- How and where the animal sleeps.

- How they care for their young within the habitat.

Using the information you have found create either a fact file, a poster, a leaflet or a small book.


Activity Three

Paint or draw a picture of your favourite animal in its habitat.  If you feel like a challenge, create a model of that animal in its habitat.  Don’t forget to include the details you found out about their habitat e.g. a koala would be in a tree surrounded by eucalyptus leaves, a camel would be in the desert surrounded by sand and cacti.