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Year 4 Topic Homework

Year 4 Topic Homework.

This term our topics are the Roman Empire and the Anglo-Saxons. In Science we are learning about electricity and teeth and digestion.  In English we are studying myths and legends and writing diaries.

Below are some ideas for activities you could do but we welcome creativity and are happy for you to come up with your own ideas based on our current topics.

Keep a diary detailing all the things you have learn about the Romans or Anglo-Saxons this term.

Investigate how electricity is used in the home and what you would do in a power cut.

Research and draw some of the inventions which the Romans are famous for.

Design some Roman or Anglo-Saxon clothing based on research from the internet.

Investigate more about our teeth! You could visit:

Visit your local dentist for information.

Please hand in your homework to your class teacher by Friday 20th March 2020.