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Year 4 Topic Homework

Year 4 Topic Homework

This half term our topic is the Anglo-Saxons and we are focusing on the fall of the Western Roman Empire and invasions, settlements and change. In Science we are learning about teeth and oral health, in English we are studying diaries  and in Music we are continuing to write and perform our very own Opera.

Below are some ideas for activities you could do but we welcome creativity and are happy for you to come up with your own ideas based on our current topics.

Keep a diary detailing all the things you have learn about the Anglo-Saxons this term.

Investigate more about our teeth! You could visit:

Research or draw an aspect of the Bayeux Tapestry.

Design some Anglo-Saxon clothing – tunics were often decorated at the hem, neck and cuffs.

Juggling was a popular entertainment during this time – Practise juggling with three balls! We’d love to see it.

Research the harp or the lyre and write or draw something to tell us about it.


Please hand in your homework to your class teacher by Wednesday 3rd April 2019