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Year 4 Topic Homework

Year 4 Topic Homework

This half term our topic is Farm to Fork and we are focusing on how a variety of food and drink is grown and made. In Science we are learning about investigations and fair testing, in English we are studying recounts and in Design and Technology we are designing and making smoothies.

Below are some ideas for activities you could do but we welcome creativity and are happy for you to come up with your own ideas based on our current topics.

Design and make your own smoothie at home and take photos of it.

Create a smoothie recipe.

Create a Science experiment making sure you keep it fair.

Create your own menu for a restaurant.

Research where your favourite food comes from and how much it costs to make your favourite dinner.

Make a model of your favourite dinner and explain where the ingredients have come from.

Please hand in your homework to your class teacher by Wednesday 11th July 2018.