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Year 1

Hello all,

This week, we have focused our maths skills on to multiplying and dividing. We have practised doubling before going on to use arrays to multiply. We also tried to solve multiplication mentally by counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10. We began halving and sharing equally to then support us when we went on to divide.

In writing, we learnt a new skill of adding suffix’s on to the end of root words to compare 2 or more things. We then wrote sentences to compare our swamp with Shrek’s swamp using the suffix +er, for example, Shrek’s swamp is bigger than my swamp. We then compared more than 2 things, all of the characters from Shrek, and wrote sentences using the +est suffix. For example, Shrek is the tallest character.

For our topic of Castles, this week we created our very own castles using cardboard boxes. We cut out battlements and arrow loops, and added cardboard towers and drawbridges. We then used coloured paper and weaved it together to create our own Portcullis. We labelled the parts of our castle so that we could check we had everything it needed. Once our castles were finished, we created our own shields and crowns and spent time in our own little castles.

We have been also been working hard to improve our letter and number formation. We have continued to practise our sounds to improve our reading and spelling.

We hope you are working hard and having lots of fun!

Miss Gardner, Miss Andrews and Miss Dickinson