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Year 1 Topic Homework

Year 1 Creative Homework 

This half term we are learning about Minibeasts. We invite your child to select 1 of the options below or use their own ideas.

Our class homework celebration assembly will be held on the last day of term in May.

Make a poster all about Minibeasts and their habitats.

Make a model of a Minibeast habitat.

Paint a Minibeast picture. You can add labels if you wish.

Create a poster or write about how to look after and protect Minibeasts.

Design a Minibeast habitat.

Write a story about a Minibeast.

Create a fact file for a Minibeast.

Write a book review for a story about Minibeasts.

Create your own Minibeast.

Or can you think of your own activity? (Don’t forget you can take photos)!

We look forward to seeing the children’s creations.


Mrs Cooper, Mrs Kelly and Miss Gardner.