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Year 1 Topic Homework

Year 1 Creative Homework 

This half term, in combined studies we are learning all about real life heroes. In science, we are learning about different materials and their properties. We invite your child to select 1 of the options below or use their own ideas. Please remember to read at home at least three times a week and ask an adult to write in your diary. You can work your way up to your Bronze and Silver Awards!

Our class homework celebration assembly will be on Friday 15th February.

Make a fact file about your real life hero. E.g. Florence Nightingale, David Beckham

Label different materials and what they could be useful for.

Make a jar of qualities that make a hero.

What material could you use to create a waterproof costume for your superhero?

Invent your own superhero.

Write a letter to your special person explaining to them why they are so special.

Create a top-trumps card of a superhero.

Paint a picture of someone special to you.

Create a costume for your superhero.

And if you have any more interesting ideas, feel free to be as creative as possible!

We look forward to seeing the children’s creations. Mrs Cooper, Mrs Kelly, Miss Andrews and Miss Gardner.