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Year 1 Topic Homework

Year 1 Creative Homework 

This half term we are learning about Living things and Pirates. Argh!!!! We invite your child to select 1 of the options below or use their own ideas.

Our class homework celebration assembly will be on Thursday 29th March.

Make a poster for an animal and what makes their home perfect for them.

Make a model of a Desert Island or something you might find on a Desert Island.

Paint a Pirate picture. This could include their treasure.

Write a survival guide for a Desert Island. What do you need and how can you stay safe? (Already discussed in class).  

Design a shelter for a Desert Island.

Write a letter in a bottle that has washed up on the beach.

Create a fact file for a living thing.

Write a book review for a story about Pirates or a beach.

Create your own Treasure Map.

Or can you think of your own activity? (Don’t forget you can take photos)!

We look forward to seeing the children’s creations.


Mrs Cooper, Mrs Kelly and Miss Gardner.