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Year 1 Topic Homework

Year 1 Creative Homework 

This term we are learning about the North and South Pole and properties of different materials. We are then going to be learning about Islands with a focus on Canvey Island. We invite your child to select 1 of the options below or use their own ideas.

Our class homework celebration assembly will be on Friday 20th March.  

Design a map of Canvey Island.

Make a model of the North/ South Pole.

Fact file on the history of Canvey Island.

Write a survival guide for the North/ South Pole.  

Paint/ draw your favourite place in Canvey Island.

Create your own Island.

Create a fact file on the North/ South Pole. Or about some animals that may live there.

Write a fiction story about a North/ South Pole adventure.

Test materials for making a sledge and create one using the best material.

Or can you think of your own activity? (Don’t forget you can take photos)!

We look forward to seeing the children’s creations.

Miss Andrews, Miss Gardner and Miss Dickinson