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Year 1 Topic Homework

Year 1 Creative Homework 

This half term we are learning about Polar Explorers and Celebrations! We invite your child to select 1 of the options below or use their own ideas. Please remember to read at home at least three times a week and ask an adult to write in your diary. You can win your Bronze Award!

Our class homework celebration assembly will be on Friday 14th December.

Make a poster for what you would need to wear for a Polar exploration.

Find out where the tallest Christmas tree is in the world and write about/ draw it.

Paint Pictures of animals you would find in both the North and South Pole.

Research about why Christians celebrate Christmas and write some interesting facts.

Design a research station for the South Pole.

Write a letter to your class about a polar adventure you’ve been on in your imagination.

Create a fact file about the North or South Pole / animals you may find there.

Create a review about your favourite Christmas film.

Discover and share with your class non-fiction books you have found about the Arctic and Antarctic.

Or can you think of your own activity? (Don’t forget you can take photos)!

We look forward to seeing the children’s creations. Mrs Cooper, Mrs Kelly, Miss Andrews and Miss Gardner.