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Year 2 Topic Homework

Year 2 Maths Homework – Autumn

Please help your child to learn these facts and practise these key skills. Record any evidence of practise in this folder.

These skills will be assessed at the end of the term and new targets will be set.

Order and compare numbers to 100

Recognise odd and even numbers to 100

Practise number bonds to 5, 10 and 20

Recall multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10x tables

There are many different ways in which your child could practise these skills. There are homework activities

sheets available in class, you could set them questions to answer or they could practise by using Maths Shed or playing other games on the computer. Any written work can be placed in this folder.

We look forward to seeing what your child has achieved at home. You can send the folder into school each

week to be checked or at the end of the term. Your child will be rewarded for any practise they have done at home.

Thank you

Mrs Gravely, Mrs Wright, Mrs Abbott and Mr Long