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Year 3 Topic Homework

Year 3 Topic Homework.

This term our topics are ‘The Land Before Time’ and ‘Savages and Settlements’. We are learning about dinosaurs and when they lived and will be thinking about how early humans evolved. We will explore through history from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. In science we are looking at skeletons of dinosaurs, animals and humans. We are also thinking about diet and healthy eating.

Below are some ideas of activities you could do but we welcome creativity and are happy for you to come up with your own ideas based on our current topic.


Write a dinosaur fact file. Include drawings or diagrams.

Build a skeleton of an animal, dinosaur or human.

Investigate early humans. What were they like? What did they eat?

Draw or create a tool which would have been used during the Stone Age or Iron Age.

Create a word search for a friend to solve using key words about the Stone Age or Iron Age.

Draw or create a Stone Age / Iron Age home.

Create a healthy menu for the school. What new dinners could you choose?

Draw a plate of healthy food for yourself, your pet, or a dinosaur.

Write a story about a dinosaur adventure.

Please hand in your homework to your class teacher by Friday 20th March 2020.