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Year 3 Topic Homework

Year 3 Autumn 2 Topic Homework.

This term we are exploring Toys, in our topic ‘Poles Apart’. In science, our focus is, Magnets and Forces. We will be looking at magnetic materials, creating magnetic toys and learning about forces and how they are created.

Below are some ideas of activities you could do but we welcome creativity and are happy for you to come up with your own ideas based on our current topics.

Design and label a new toy.

Investigate a particular toy – Barbie or Transformers, how has it changed over time?

Draw a picture of your favourite toy, really look closely.

Create a magnet game.

Identify magnetic material around the house.

Use a compass to follow directions.


Create a poster advertising a brand new toy.

Write an adventure story about a toy going on a journey.


Research the history of toys.

Build your own toy using recycled materials (yoghurt pots, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, etc).


Write instructions for how to use a toy or how to play a board game.

Take photos of your favourite toys and make an information booklet about them.

Please hand in your homework to your class teacher by Friday 13th December so that the children can have the opportunity to share their work with their peers.