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Year 6



A1 A2 S1
Topic Title World War 2 (‘The Battle of Britain’ and ‘Towards a New Future’)
Topic links/ Inspiration WW2
Light (blackouts)
Anderson Shelters (DT)
Vera Lynn – morale of the troops
Clarice Cliff – used to work at Havens at Hamlet Court Road
VE Day - street party linked with Community choir sing along
RE - Judaism (Holocaust link)
Hooks and ‘Wow’ Moments WW2 Day
Designing and making Anderson Shelters
Lindy Hop
Watching Goodnight Mister Tom
Producing model Spitfires
Silhouette Blitz pictures
Clarice Cliff (design and make replica plate)
Possible trips links to Topic WW2 Day (external visitor)
Topic Maths Links Place Value and four operations
Ordering numbers