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Northwick Park Multi Academy Trust

There are two schools in the Trust, Northwick Park which became an Academy in December 2014 and Leigh Beck that joined the Trust as a sponsored Academy in March 2015.

The Trust has recently expanded by appointing two additional Directors, one has financial expertise and the other an Education background.  The Northwick Park Governing body has seven members.  A separate Governing Body has been set up at Leigh Beck from January 2017.  All Parents have a voice through the Parent Councils.  Both schools also have Staff Councils, School Councils and Learning Ambassadors.  Parent surveys are conducted annually.  Whole school and phase pupil surveys are regularly carried out.  The Academy website is linked to the schools separate websites (these are currently being updated).

The Head Teacher of Northwick Park is the Executive Head Teacher of Leigh Beck and has responsibility for the strategic development and running of the schools.  She leads the Senior Leadership Team of an acting Head of School, an acting Deputy Head Teacher and an Assistant Head Teacher.  The Senior Leadership Team at Northwick Park is a substantive Deputy Head Teacher (part time), an Acting Deputy Head Teacher and five Assistant Head Teachers.  One of whom is currently seconded part time to the Royal Opera House Bridge.

Both schools are fully staffed, staff turbulence is low and recruitment and retention of staff is not an issue.  The Trust also works closely with several ITT providers.

Members of the individual SLT’s are also members of the MAT SLT. This meets regularly to ensure consistency across policy and procedure.  School improvement priorities are reflected in individual Performance Management targets and are set across the MAT taking into account the individual characteristics of the schools.  For example pupils expected rates of progress are similar but end of Key Stage outcome targets reflect the differing starting points of pupils.

Monitoring and assessment cycles are the same in both schools.  The assessment cycle is every 6 weeks and data updated following moderation and pupil progress meetings.  All pupils have an individual provision map that is shared with Parents/Carers three times a year.  Moderation is across both schools and for writing across all Canvey schools.  Five members of the SLT are external moderators in Foundation, Key Stage one and Key Stage two.

Subject Leadership runs across the Trust.

School Improvement is organised in four parts.

  1. Maintenance Plans.

    These are for areas that are not a current priority, they have generic non-negotiable and individual agreed action points.

  2. Priority area across the trust.

    For example, Science, as Northwick needs to be reassessed to maintain its Gold Science mark and Leigh Beck is working towards Silver Science Mark.

  3. Individual School Priority.


  4. Eight weekly plans.

When Leigh Beck was subject to special measures the EHT worked closely with HMI, HMI reported that the progress of the school to remove itself from special measures was exceptional.  Using this short focused model of rapid school improvement over eight weeks, the EHT and HMI wrote a training programme.  Following a successful pilot at Northwick, the programme has now been delivered in North Essex, Norfolk and Southampton.

We continue to run this model of School Improvement across the trust, we started in September/October with Pace, Challenge and Growth mind-set and are currently working on Maths.  Reading will be the focus in January.

The trust actively supports the development of the creative curriculum.  Music is a priority in both schools.  Northwick runs four choirs, provides all children the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and has an ever improving Rock Band!  The Leigh Beck Infant Choir has successfully achieved recognition in an Essex competition as the most promising choir in all classes.

The grounds are developing to encourage outdoor learning, both schools have forest school sites and level three trained staff to lead sessions.  Children experience sessions throughout the year.

Both schools run an extensive programme of extra curriculum clubs that children are encouraged to attend.  All children are members of the Children’s University.  We actively promote opportunities to participate in sporting activities with many pupils (including key stage one) participating in a competitive sport both within school and against other local schools.

Priorities for 2016/17

Improve outcome for all groups of pupils.

Strengthen Governance in both schools.

Strengthen the Senior Leadership in both schools with a view to expansion/succession planning.

For both schools to be soundly good in all areas.

Directors, Trustees & Governors

Our Policies & Documents

We share policies across our two schools to ensure a united and strong approach to school management.

  1. Collective Worship Policy 2014-2017
  2. Complaints policy + Procedures 2014-2017
  3. Data Protection Policy 2014-2016
  4. Equal Opportunities Policy 2014-2017
  5. Extremist Policy 2014-2017
  6. First Aid Policy 2014-2017
  7. Health and Safety Policy 2014
  8. Inclusion Policy Nov 2014 annual
  9. Race Equality Policy 2014-2017
  10. Safeguarding Policy 2014-2017
  11. Anti-Bullying Policy 2014-2017
  12. Governors Register of Interest
  13. Community Cohesion Policy 2014-2017
  14. Assessment Recording and Reporting Policy 2014-2017
  15. Attendance Policy
  16. Northwick Park Trust 1415 FinStat
  17. PE Premium Report
  18. Pupil Premium Report
  19. SMSC policy 2016
  20. Behaviour Policy 2014-2017
  21. First Aid Statement Nov 2014
  22. Home School Agreement 2014
  23. Fundraising Policy 2014-2017
  24. Critical Incident Policy 2014-17
  25. Educational Visit Policy 2014-2017
  26. Physical Contact Policy 2014-2017
  27. Charging and remissions for school activities 2014-2017
  28. Health and Safety Annual Statement 2014
  29. Visitors Policy 2014 - 2017
  30. Outside Play Policy 2014-2017
  31. Playground Policy 2014-2017
  32. Food Policy 2014
  33. Medication Statement 2014
  34. Emergency Exit Plan For Wheelchair Users 2014-2017
  35. Planning Policy 2014-2017
  36. Resp to chns wk policy 2014-2017
  37. Incident form- physical restraint of a child
  38. Voluntary Helpers Policy 2014-2017
  39. Volunteers Policy,Information Sheet,Agreement Dec. 14
  40. Whistle Blowing Policy 2014-2017
  41. Professional Development Policy 2014-2017
  42. Teaching and Learning Policy 2014-2017
  43. Scheme of Work -Tackling Racism 2014-2017
  44. Performance Management Policy 2014
  45. Perf. Manage. Policy - Support Staff 2014
  46. Sex and Relationships Policy 2014-2017
  47. Policy for School security and critical incident 2014-2017
  48. Policy for a Smoke Free School 2014-2017
  49. Recruitment Procedure 2014
  50. Confidentiality Policy 2014-2017
  51. Curriculum Policy 2014-2017
  52. EAL Policy Document 2014-2017
  53. Privacy Notice
  54. Child Potection Policy 16-17
  55. Asthma Policy 2014-2017
  56. Drug Education Policy 2014-2017
  57. Mission statement -Race Equality 2014
  58. Northwick Park Music Policy Document 2017
  59. School SENreport
  60. Admissions Policy Northwick.87663637
  61. homework policy Trust 2016
  62. 09154404Northwick Park Trust 1516FinStat
  63. 09154404 Northwick Park Trust 1415 FinStat
  64. Northwick Park Trust Accounts
  65. Northwick Park Multi Academy Dec 16
  66. 09154404 Northwick Park Trust 1415 FinStat