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Mobile Assault Course

Browne's Bootcamp visits Northwick to put the kids through their paces!

On Monday 17th June, a mobile assault course was erected on the school field.  The course consisted of ten different activities including daringly high monkey bars, a walking see saw, balance beam and army nets.  Each key stage two class were given a safety talk before heading out onto the course where the fun began!  The course provided an opportunity that was different to usual PE lessons but was still great for fitness.  Many children overcame their fears and surprised themselves by completing the whole course.  They encouraged others and there was a real sense of team spirit.  

Jessica from year 3 was sure that she would not  be able to complete the course. After a short pause for thought Jessica managed to find the courage and with Mrs Clark's help they did the whole assault course and both enjoyed taking part with the other children. Jessica said that the best part was the Seesaw. Megan also from year 3 would like them to come back again as the Monkey bars were excellent.

A fantastic day was finished off with the children bringing their parents to have a go and even the staff challenged themselves!