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The school  uses its own Safe and Secure  Network with dedicated servers that service the entire site. Trolleys of laptops and Ipads are availbale for  the children to use in classrooms or anywhere around the school. We also have a  Computer Suite.

We have the use of  digital cameras, microphones, recorders, Mbots and a wide range of exciting software that is used aid the childrens learning. Each classroom also has a Clevertouch board and Visualiser for use in most lessons.

Our children use ICT equipment in many subjects. In Computing lessons, they learn about e-safety, coding, email and communications, control technology, data handling, word processing, publishing, computer aided design, research and investigation, and much more.


In today’s world, it is more important than ever that children know how to keep themselves safe. We make e-safety a high priority and children are taught the basics of online safety in every year group discretely, and revisited in the majority of computing sessions and in special assemblies.

However, there is only so much schools can do. It is incredibly important that parents take the time to talk to their children and set rules within their homes. We strongly suggest that you put a filter in place at home to prevent your children accessing adult sites, and that you monitor your child’s computer access. Talk to your child today!

There are lots of helpful tips  and guidance in our  Safegaurding pages for you to access. 

Digital Leaders

Northwick Primary School is introducing the role of Digital Leaders to our school! The role is specifically made to create future experts in the world of computing and digital technology but will also emphasise skills such as: leadership, organisation and communication.

Some of the responsibilities will include:

  • Trialling new software and websites, then demonstrating them to other children and teachers.
  • Possibly holding assemblies to share new computing technology.
  • Helping to set up equipment in classrooms.

There will be several  Digital Leaders from  from Year 6.  As I anticipate more than one child  will be interested to become part of the Digital Leaders team, they will have extra responsibilities over certain areas of our school and need to be aware that this role should be taken seriously.

Of course, my responsibility will be to make sure the Digital Leaders have enough training and support to manage these tasks, and are always adequately supervised.

More information about Digital leaders can be found using your childs personal login for Purple Mash.