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The History curriculum at Northwick Park encourages a fascination and curiosity about the past which hopefully remains with the children throughout their lives. Throughout the History curriculum we aim to inspire the children through imaginative methods, we attempt to bring History to life in the classroom and help the children develop a love for the subject. The History curriculum at Northwick Park aims to meet all expectations of the National Curriculum and ensures a progression of historical concepts, knowledge and skills which can be accessed by all pupils. History at Northwick Park promotes a high understanding of the past in Britain and the wider world, which allows the children to understand how we live today with a knowledge of where we came from.  

The aims of teaching History in our schools are: 

  • To inspire children to develop a curiosity about the past through an engaging curriculum.  
  • To develop the skills of investigation, analysis, evaluation, debate, interpretation and problem solving.    
  • To develop a good understanding of significant events in British history. 
  • To gain an understanding of British Values through exploring the way Britain has developed.  
  • To have knowledge and understanding of key historical events in the wider world through effective topic teaching. 
  • To develop and sense of chronology 
  • To produce work that showcases understanding and knowledge about the past.